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Blue Badge Concessions

If you are a blue badge holder, you may be eligible for extra concessions from Horsleys of Gainsborough. If you have a long-term illness or you're disabled, you may not have to pay VAT on certain products or services purchased from us.

You can qualify for VAT relief if you are chronically sick or disabled and are purchasing products for personal and domestic use which are relevant to your disability. Anyone who is terminally ill or one who is being treated for a chronic illness qualifies for such exemption. Unfortunately a person with a temporary injury or illness or an elderly individual does not qualify.

Purchasing from Horsleys of Gainsborough at the zero VAT rate is extremely simple and straight forward. If the product and you, the individual qualify for VAT relief, VAT will be removed at our checkout and the price adjusted accordingly. Eligible products include lift and tilt reclining chairs and electric beds. These products are highlighted on our website with a blue badge on the pages concerned.

For more information about blue badge holder concessions or to check if you qualify, please contact us today.

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